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LCD Filters
Outstanding Features:

-  Anti-Glare
-  Anti Reflection
-  Anti-Scratch
-  Contrast Enhancement
-  High Transmission Rate
-  Quick and Simple Installation
-  Protects Notebook Screen/ LCD Monitor From Scratches
-  Allows User to Close Notebook Without Removing Filter
-  Frameless Design Integrates With Notebook or LCD Monitor In One Piece
-  Sizes to Fit 11.3" - 70"
LCD Privacy Filters
CRT Filters
CRT Privacy Filters
Screen Filters
DATAFLEX LCD Protection filter is manufactured using a special formulated polymer which is made optically clear and free from distortion. Optical properties, reflectance and transmittance are carefully monitored to ensure conformance.

The filters are coated with Display Enhancement Coatings which are  similar  to those found on expensive medical and electronic instrument   displays. These  coatings  optimize the optIcal  performance of the display,  making them easier  to  read  in  sunlight,  colours  become  more vIvid and significantly reduce glare.
Protection Filter for Notebook & LCD Monitors
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